Monday, January 7, 2008


Welcome to GAYNGAME - Reloaded!

Coming from five-month hibernation, GAYNGAME is now fully refreshed and reloaded.

Before we continue our quests in the World of 2008 Gaming, allow me to recoup some important events that happened in 2007.

Let me start with myself.

- First is the creation of GAYNGAME. I marked 2007 as the start of my blogging career (meron ba?). Through GAYNGAME, I was able to share my gaming experience, share new games, and create new friends.

- My first taste of gay relationship. Though, not a success, I am considering it is as a very memorable experience. Current Status: Still on search for my "knight in shining armor."

For Online Gamers:

I believe 2007 is great year for gamers. Lots of blockbuster games are released on 2007.

World Of Warcraft - Burning Crusade sold 2+ million in January 2007.

RF (Philippines) went Free-To-Play. (Everybody Happy?)

Release of Perfect World Online, Lineage II, New Episode for RAN, Flyff, and RF.

The Rise Of Granado Espada. Release of 2moons Online.

And of course Ragnarok 2 (the sequel). Still at waiting mode in the Philippines. Out of curiousity, I tried this game at Rebirth (Private Server). Still in Korean language, but I manage to get an English Patch.

I also get to try Cabal Online. I am connecting at the Taiwan Server.

I believe 2008 will be an action-packed year for Gaming World. I am hearing rumors of Cabal Online (which happens to be one of the most anticipated games for 2008) and Ragnarok 2 will be released in the Philippines within the year. And more....

Friday, January 4, 2008





Monday, August 13, 2007

RF Online Philippines Goes Free-To-Play?

From RF Online Announcement Dated August 9, 2007

" .......When Episode 2 launches on the main worlds on August 28, all remaining Game Time in RF Accounts will automatically be converted to Galactic Credits to allow players to start enjoying the Item Mall. A separate announcement will be made regarding this."

Mmmm. Does this sound like RF Online Philippines is going Free-To-Play on the launching of Episode 2? I think that's the scheme some RF-Gamers are waiting, Free-To-Play with item Mall.

When Korea's RF Online went Free-To-Play last year, a surge in the number of gamers took place. Sounds we should be expecting a game full of lags. Well, I hope RF-Philippines would be ready for the increase of gamers.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Need For Speed Will Sweep Your Street

Are You A racing fanatic?

Then Here's a Treat for you: Coming this October 30, 2007, a new title for EA's Need For Speed which is the " Need For Speed Prostreet" will soon screech at your street.